Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sweet Purple House

Welcome Jenny Williams of Lexington, NC to The House Quilt Project

Detail of flag

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Letter from Furnishing Hope

Dear friends,

You have the opportunity to pick a child up off the floor.

Suzanne is an Air Force wounded warrior who served multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq moved from South Carolina to Orange County and rented an apartment. She and her son were sleeping on the floor when Furnishing Hope was called. We arrived at 9:00 and by 12:30 she had a completely furnished apartment. She burst into tears when she saw her son's room, "My baby has a bed! He doesn't have to sleep on the floor!"

Today I feel heavy hearted. I have nine wounded warriors waiting with homes to be furnished. I can so easily make them comfortable for the holidays but will I get the support? Will I be forced to turn down some requests?

Furnishing Hope has been furnishing homes and apartments for people in crisis since 2004. In 2011 we focused our efforts on returning wounded military. We have found that a comfortable place to live makes a monumental impact on their ability to heal and adjust to civilian life. We make a difference not only in their lives but the lives of their families, friends and neighbors.

A referral from the hospital starts the process. With the warrior's questionnaire in hand we shop at Living Spaces with the $2,500 gift card they donate. Then I order new mattresses, shop for incidentals and coordinate a volunteer team. Usually it takes about a week, and then the trucks are loaded and headed to the warrior's residence. My group of designers & volunteers immediately get to work unpacking and setting up the house. Within 3 hours an empty space is turned into a home. I know how desperately these men and women need this to be done quickly but it is definitely a challenge to our budget. I do as much as I can, depending on available funding.

Over the last year we have received donations of beautiful furniture, handmade quilts, food baskets, toys, appliances and art all thoughtfully given with our recipient's in mind. Today I am asking for funding, to pay the driver; rent a truck, buy the mattresses, bedding and kitchen supplies. I need approximately $2,000.00 for each home we furnish.

Fundraising has always been difficult for me. But somehow I have make it this far. Within 9 years we've furnished the homes of hundreds of families and made what I believe to be a substantial, positive impact in our community. But unless we have our communities support we will have to make drastic changes in the services we provide.

I would be overjoyed to see these nine wounded men and women comfortable before Christmas. No warrior should sleep on the floor or mother see her child sleeping on the floor; could you imagine waking up that way Christmas morning? Won't you help?

Please send your donation to Furnishing Hope, 3857 Birch Street, Newport Beach, CA 92660. You can also go onto the website and donate through PayPal.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this and hope you feel as passionate as do about helping the men and women who have given so much to protect our country.

Best Regards,

Founder - Executive Director

P.S. Every dollar counts! A small donation could buy a blanket while a large donation could impact the lives of hundreds.

3857 Birch Street, #503
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Phone: 949-640-8012 Fax 949-417-1845

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Whimsical House

Whimsical house by Terry Pottmeyer of Mercer Island, WA - for a wounded service member.  This is Terry's first contribution to The House Quilt Project!

Detail.  I love the paper clip fabric!