Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December House Quilt

Made by Jeannie Palmer Moore, San Diego, CA; The House Quilt Project is so rewarding for me. It is something so easy for me to create but something so appreciated by our returning veterans.

Detail of stitching

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sunny House Quilt

House Quilt made by Linda Miller.  It was very satisfying to work on something different that will give back to the community.  May the art help the healing process and bring some enjoyment to those who have sacrificed so much. 
Detail of the landscaping with French Knots

Love the sun and sky quilting - such flow in the piece

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shout Out for Patriotic House Quilts

I have been coordinating the making of house quilts on behalf of Furnishing Hope, a non profit organization that provides the interior decor/furniture for Habitat for Humanity in Orange County, as well as, for the Wounded Warrior Battalion from Orange County to San Diego.  To date, this project has created 55 house quilts for Furnishing Hope, since September of 2010. 

The Wounded Warrior program is an ongoing project where they furnish four homes a month, sometimes with only a weeks notice.  These are for wounded US Soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Here is their website

I am looking for more people to make house quilts for this organization, so they can have them ready to go at a moments notice.  The art quilts measure 12" wide by 16" high vertical format and each quilt must have a house and an American flag on it.  Two pop tops are sewn on the top back for easy hanging.  More information about placement and the label for the back are on under the "Criteria" tabs on the top tool bar. 

I will post every house quilt that I receive, on the blog, with a short note from you as to why it was important for you to get involved in the project.  Also, be sure to include your website or blog address for the side bar. 

I would be delighted if you would consider making a house quilt for this project, and make a difference in the life of a US wounded warrior.  

Since everyone appreciates deadlines, aim for these dates, on or before
December 5
December 16
or the first week in January 2012

Please leave me a comment, or e-mail if you are interested in participating.  Thank you so much!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cabin the the Woods

House Quilt by Deborah Stanley
“I am grateful to be involved with The House Quilt Project.  Thank you Jamie for curating such a meaningful project and providing many artists the opportunity to honor our returning Veterans with a token of our appreciation and best wishes.

This House Quilt was partially done by a good friend of my mother’s.  Hilda gave her stash to Mother and me because she was declining rapidly with Alzheimer’s disease.  It is my pleasure to finish what Hilda started and offer it with many thanks to our returning Veteran.  May this token of our appreciation give encouragement and hope.”

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Flag Day in the USA

Made by Barb Williamson - for Dash 2 Design

Made by Deborah Stanley - for a Marine in the Wounded Warrior Battalion

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dash 2 Design

Made by Randi Horsley of Chandler, Arizona
for a Marine in the Wounded Warrior Batallion  
I created these art quilts for the same reasons I create bed and lap quilts for my family, friends, and Quilts of Valor. A quilt is like a hug that makes one feel comforted; sometimes a random bright spot of color, sometimes a memory of something significant in one's life. Quilting is a tradition, and even when done on a machine, each item takes time and patience to create. I value my time highly, so the art quilts seem a fitting way to welcome home and honor a soldier in need of some cheer. I want to let them know my appreciation for what they have done (and am very cognizant someone I know may be in the same situation and need some day). 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dash 2 Design

Two charming patriotic house quilts made especially for a Marine in the Wounded Warrior Battalion in conjunction with Furnishing Hope in the Dash 2 Design program -  Made by:  Kelly Summers of Avondale, Arizona

Another beauty by Kelly Summers. In her own wordsAs a quilter, a nurse and  a military family member  --- - I am married to a former marine, my brother is a career Army Helicopter pilot (33 years and still serving) and my father was career Army ---- I was thrilled to hear about The House Quilt Project. I have wanted to be involved with the wounded warrior project since I first heard about it, but living in Arizona I could not find a way to connect. 
I saw a small article about Jamie’s project on Facebook and just had to learn more. After reviewing her blog I knew this was a way I could get involved. I told a quilting friend about it and we got together one Saturday and each made 2 wall hangings. We have told everyone who will listen about it and have plans this Saturday for a group of 5 quilters (all healthcare professionals) to make more. It is our hope to develop a steady stream of lovingly crafted wall hangings for these brave men and women who sacrifice so much for us.  Thank you Jamie for letting me, and my fellow quilters, be a part of this amazing project.  

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Freedom Station in San Diego, California

Patriotic House Quilts for Freedom Station in San Diego, California  by by L-R  Jeannie Palmer Moore and Dorothy Stocking
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Veterans First in Garden Grove, California

L-R Top - Cindy Cooksey, Jean C. Impey; L-R Lower - Pamela Price Klebaum, Jamie Fingal

L-R Top - Teresa Shippy, Julie Schlueter; L-R Lower - Michelle Flores, Felisa Lyons

L-R Top - Terry Waldron, Felisa Lyons; L-R Lower - Jamie Fingal, Anne Copeland

L-R Top - Barb Williamson, Anne Copeland; L-R Lower - Michelle Flores, Felisa Lyons
L-R Top - Felisa Lyons, Jamie Fingal; L-R Lower - Felisa Lyons (both)
L-R - Terry Waldron, Jamie Fingal