Monday, May 16, 2011

Dash 2 Design

Made by Randi Horsley of Chandler, Arizona
for a Marine in the Wounded Warrior Batallion  
I created these art quilts for the same reasons I create bed and lap quilts for my family, friends, and Quilts of Valor. A quilt is like a hug that makes one feel comforted; sometimes a random bright spot of color, sometimes a memory of something significant in one's life. Quilting is a tradition, and even when done on a machine, each item takes time and patience to create. I value my time highly, so the art quilts seem a fitting way to welcome home and honor a soldier in need of some cheer. I want to let them know my appreciation for what they have done (and am very cognizant someone I know may be in the same situation and need some day). 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dash 2 Design

Two charming patriotic house quilts made especially for a Marine in the Wounded Warrior Battalion in conjunction with Furnishing Hope in the Dash 2 Design program -  Made by:  Kelly Summers of Avondale, Arizona

Another beauty by Kelly Summers. In her own wordsAs a quilter, a nurse and  a military family member  --- - I am married to a former marine, my brother is a career Army Helicopter pilot (33 years and still serving) and my father was career Army ---- I was thrilled to hear about The House Quilt Project. I have wanted to be involved with the wounded warrior project since I first heard about it, but living in Arizona I could not find a way to connect. 
I saw a small article about Jamie’s project on Facebook and just had to learn more. After reviewing her blog I knew this was a way I could get involved. I told a quilting friend about it and we got together one Saturday and each made 2 wall hangings. We have told everyone who will listen about it and have plans this Saturday for a group of 5 quilters (all healthcare professionals) to make more. It is our hope to develop a steady stream of lovingly crafted wall hangings for these brave men and women who sacrifice so much for us.  Thank you Jamie for letting me, and my fellow quilters, be a part of this amazing project.