Thursday, August 8, 2013

In Loving Memory of Carolyn Kolzow

Welcome Karen S. Musgrave of Naperville, Illinois,  to The House Quilt Project.  She has made three patriotic house quilts in loving memory of her friend, Carolyn Kolzow  who died unexpectedly, her family requested we donate to our favorite charity in her honor. For me, that just did not seem enough. I needed something more to honor her and frankly to give myself a more positive way to grieve. The House Quilt Project came to mind. Carolyn loved our country, patriotic designs and while she wasn't a quilter, she did love quilts. She was an extremely caring and generous person. I know she would be happy knowing that I choose to honor her this way.

Lovely details

Stars and Stripes Forever!

Detail of the sky

Love Resides Here