Patriotic House Quilts

Patriotic House Quilts - need masculine looking house quilts. All House Quilts are made at your own expense and donated.  There is no paperwork involved, but I do ask that you follow the instructions on what needs to be included.  It's great to "give back" and touch the lives of the recipients with a piece of beautiful artwork from the heart.

The Wounded Service Member group serves all branches of our armed services.

Patriotic House Quilt 12"wide by 16"high - must include a house and an American Flag

PLEASE FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE DIRECTIONS. Back of all house quilts - must include a label that is sewn onto the back, with the text below and hand sew 2 aluminum pop tops or rings on the top for easy hanging.  Please DO NOT sew in a sleeve or corner dowel holders on the back.  These will not be accepted.

The quilt label must read: 
Made Especially for a Wounded Service Member
current year - made by
your name
your blog or website

Mail your patriotic house quilt to:  Jamie Fingal
 960 N. Tustin Street #253, Orange, CA 92867 (local UPS Store)